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Jobs: Control Room Operator Islamabad

Jobs: Control Room Operator Islamabad

By on December 30, 2015

Jobs for Control Room Operator in Security Company Islamabad 29 December 215


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Jobs in Khpal Kor Foundation Swat

By on December 29, 2015

About Khpal Kor Foundation

Background of KKF: Swat district is famous for its natural beauty all over the world, having population of 1258660 covering an area of 5373 Square km. Swat is a back ward district of N.W.F.P and most of the people are poor. According to an independent consultant EDC hired by Asian development bank for the feasibility of Malakand Rural development project MRDP 72 % of the people are lying below poverty line in this area. For more information about district Swat visit to www.valleyswat.net On 6th September 1986 a few enthusiastic and energetic scouts of swat founded swat scouts open group in Mingora Swat. The young spirited scouts had the resolve to serve people and the country. They started activity like Hospital service, tree plantation, serving the pilgrims, health and cleanliness, campaigns against illiteracy, celebration of important days. Provision of blood donations, controlling traffic, offering service during calamities, anti-narcotics and drug campaigns etc. Besides these they also continued their scouting activities and participated with full spirit and zeal in all provincial and national scout events. The expert of swat scouts open group surveyed about 20 different villages of district swat. In this survey it was discovered that there are nearly 10 orphans in every village. Thus total 520 villages only in district swat have 5200 helpless orphan children some of them are bereaved father as well as mother. While majority of the children are fatherless. Their mother is alive but they can not afford the proper look after of their children. Most of these children are involved in child labor child abuse, drug addiction and in other harmful activities. In September 1996 a meeting of youth forum swat scouts open group was held. The members of swat scouts open group after thorough deliberation and discussion decided to establish an orphanage for the welfare and education of the orphan and helpless children of the region at Mingora. Central city of Malakand Division. The idea was materialized in the shape of Khpal Kor (My Home) in October 1996, which was formally registered with the department of social welfare in 1998 under the registration act 1961. In the beginning 5 orphans’ children were admitted in orphanage. Later on their number was increased up 24 children. They were provided with all kinds of possible facilities. During that period Governor NWFP allotted a plot of four (4) canals adjacent to the 25 canals playground & Gymnasium at Makan Bagh Mingora vide letter No 6366/rev/iv/kg/90-dated 29/03/2001. Within a short period of time a large building was erected on the said plot. With the help of committee the number of 24 orphan children was increased to 50 children. A school has also been established in the said building namely “Khpal Kor Model School” Besides Khpal Kor orphan children quality education is provided to the community children at reasonable fee.
  • Mission

    To facilitate orphan in their life struggle to become good human beings and effective citizen.
  • Phone

    +92 946 727211
  • Email

  • Jobs in Khpal Kor Foundation
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A day at Margalla Hills with future’s Leaders

By on December 26, 2015


Islamabad the beautiful capital of Pakistan have a national park which is called Margalla Hills National Park. Margalla hills have 6 Trails but Trail, 3, 5 and 6 are the well-known trails. People are mostly going on these three trails. On 25th December, 2015 Youth Association of Pakistan and Youth Forum For Kashmir conducted an event for the Future’s Leaders with the name “Hike of Future Leaders”. Students from FJWU, Islamic University, Capital University and Preston University participated in the event in a large number. People from other walk of life also joined this event.

Tariq Khan the founder of Clean and Green Pakistan
Tariq Khan the founder of Clean and Green Pakistan

Tariq Khan the founder of Clean and Green Pakistan motivated the youths to keep the Trails Clean and Green and for that purpose he brought shoppers and given a task to the participant to collect those garbage which was thrown by some visitors. During at first impression I noticed that no one will take part in this campaign but it was totally opposite of my thought. Grouping were made by the organizers and then that cleaning drive started. Everyone collected the garbage and then the group of Islamic University won the competition of cleaning drive. The aim is not cleaning but I want to make people aware that please avoid throwing the garbage at wrong place, Clean and Green Pakistan’s found Tariq said. Saving the nature is the responsibility of every citizen. If a person coming for hiking to be healthy so it is must to keep that place clean for others also. We are going to design a Shopping bag which will be re-useable and it will minimize the use of plastic bag which is one of the biggest cause of global warming. Please encourage more than more people to minimize the use of plastic bags, Tariq said. A representative of “Save the Wildlife” also displayed the charts and banners. Saving the nature and Wildlife both are very important.

Kashif Zaheer Kamboh and Abdul Qadir  Director Youth Association of Pakistan
Tariq Khan, Kashif Zaheer Kamboh and Abdul Qadir
Director Youth Association of Pakistan

Most wastes can be avoided. This is because a large portion of waste we consume are disposable items, mainly plastic water bottles, plastic bags, food containers, and tin cans. The issue whether or not we should still use these disposables has been debated, but we can now see initiatives to reduce the use of such products and go back to using reusable items. (Personally, I like the idea of paper bags rather than plastic.) We too can help. By simple bringing a reusable water bottle will help reduce the demand for plastic water bottles, at least one bottle a day.

The youth become aware about the work of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF). The representative of ANF spread their message and told to the youths that stop using drugs. ANF having opportuning of Ambassadorship and Internship for the youths. Those who want to become an Ambassador of ANF at their college, University or any other organization can contact them.

ANF Ambassadors participated in the event.
ANF Ambassadors participated in the event.

Internship program is especially designed for the youth so that they obtain essential grooming and experience to enhance their potential skills, which can help them find a good job in the long run. The Program will be opened for the students of Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, IT and Art for their research initiative, project and field work and thesis report. The program will also be opened for those who have acquired 16 years of education and are not more than 30 years of age. The minimum requirement for the program will be graduation from a local, government or private institution.

ANF Youth Ambassadorship is open for all age citizens especially from Islamabad, Rawalpindi Division, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan areas. However, it is open for all Pakistan. These Volunteer Ambassadors will work for a noble cause which is aimed at creating awareness against spread of Narcotics, drugs and illicit pills amongst youth. All ambassadors will be certified as volunteer ambassadors of ANF. This forum will provide youth ambassadors to contribute positively towards future of Pakistan. Forum will also provide opportunity/platform to youth Ambassadors to project their personality talent in different fields.

Different talent will be picked up for representing ANF and their respective talent will be highlighted/ projected at various National / International forums.

There were speakers who delivered their speeches on Leadership Skills to the futures leaders. Dr Rashid Aftab Director Ripha International University, Islamabad delivered a speech on leadership skills.

Dr Rashid Aftab (Director Ripha International University, Islamabad) during speech to the future Leaders
Dr Rashid Aftab (Director Ripha International University, Islamabad) during speech to the future Leaders

Jaweria Maqbool a TV and Policy Analyst, Debater, Environmentalist, Motivational Speaker and CDA Officer spoke about Leadership skills.

Jaweria Maqbool, TV and Policy Analyst, Debater, Environmentalist Motivational Speaker and CDA Officer talking about Leadership skills
Jaweria Maqbool, TV and Policy Analyst, Debater, Environmentalist
Motivational Speaker and CDA Officer talking about Leadership skills

Ahmad Quraishi Anchor Person Express News, Executive Director YFK covered the full event. The participants learned many things during the Q & A session with Ahmed Quraishi. It was a very pleasant day and Pakistani youths need more such events.

Ahmad Quraishi Anchor Person Express News, Executive Director YFK
Ahmad Quraishi Anchor Person Express News, Executive Director YFK during Q & A session at Margalla Hills.

Shikwa-e-Zulmat-E-Shab Se To Kahien Behtar Tha
Apne Hisse Ki Koi Shama Jalate Jate

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Jobs in Islamic Relief, Peshawar (KP)

By on December 26, 2015

Islamic Relief is implementing humanitarian and development programmes across Pakistan. Islamic Relief invites potential candidates to apply for multiple positions based in Peshawar (KP).

Last date for application’s submission is Jan 06, 2016.

Jobs in Islamic Relief

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C++ Software Engineer $15/hr

By on December 19, 2015

Job Description

Ready to make $30,000 USD while working for a fortune 500 company from the comfort of your home? Eager to join a network of the most talented remote workers in the world? If so, this role is for you. Work for Crossover, and you’ll earn the most competitive wages on the market, collaborate with the most skilled teams in your field, and work for the most elite companies in the world. Sound too good to be true? Take a closer look…


What to Expect as a C++ Engineer at Crossover

Crossover is looking for software engineers that are ready to utilize their experience in a comprehensive and multidimensional leadership role. Responsibilities will include writing and debugging both unit and integration tests for enterprise applications. You will also be expected to effectively execute the transition of current code to new technologies and update third party components. Lastly, you will take ownership of the process of identifying dependencies and performing code reviews, helping us to maintain Crossover’s standard of excellence throughout the process.


Qualifications for this Opportunity

If you want to work with the best, you have to be the best. A successful C++ Engineer at Crossover will demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • A ruthless commitment to testing the code you’ve written
  • Extensive problem solving skills
  • An ability to communicate clearly regarding complex issues (in English)
  • Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:
    • C++, REST
    • Database (SQL server, Oracle, My SQL)
    • Enterprise applications
    • API
    • Source control using SVN
    • Visual Studio Professional
  • Proficiency in the following technologies is desired but not mandatory:
    • Akamai, PostgreSQL, noSQL, .NET



At Crossover, you’ll earn extremely competitive wages while enjoying the flexibility of working from virtually anywhere on the face of the earth:

  • Salary: 15 USD/hr
  • Position type: Full time (40 hours per week)
  • Location: Global


The Type of C++ Engineers We’re Looking For

Crossover values a culture of excellence. We need engineers who are not only technically proficient, but also demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Willingness to embrace the concept of iterative development as the means for building seamless products
  • Readiness to give all the effort necessary to do an excellent job – even if it means putting in extra time to research the problem you’re facing
  • Perfectionism: knowing how a job should be done and not stop until it’s done correctly


Next Steps

Ready to join? Start the process now by applying through our application link. If you meet the qualifications, we will proceed with a series of tests and interviews. Crossover is eager to see what you have to offer our cutting edge global workforce.



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Charsadda: 55 suspects arrested from Shabqadar area

By on December 13, 2015

During an operation by LEA 55 suspects are arrested from Shabqadar area of Charsadda.
Weapons and explosive materials recovered from their possession.

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‪TCKP‬ Internship Program (TIP) 2015,  Last Date: 16th November, 2015

By on November 7, 2015

Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is offering Internship opportunities for Youth. Every year TCKP have the pleasure of inviting bright, energetic and talented university students and recent graduates to explore their potential and hone their skills .

#TCKP offer you the chance to be part of the TCKP family through its Internship program; where you are mentored and guided to receive real life work experience along with exposure to new career opportunities.

TCKP Internship Program is a paid full time internship. As an intern you should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, where you will gain valuable career building skills.

Internship in TCKP


Like the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Facebook Fage for new updates.

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Media Watch, 23-10-2015

By on October 24, 2015

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Jobs in Islamic Relief, Last Date: Oct 20, 2015

By on October 14, 2015

Dear All,

Islamic Relief is implementing humanitarian and development programmes across Pakistan. Islamic Relief invites potential candidates to apply for Monitoring & Accountability Officer position based in Bannu (KP).

Please find the attached advertisement for further details. Last date for application’s submission is Oct 20, 2015.

Kind Regards

Islamic Relief Worldwide MUHAMMAD ILYAS
Talent Acquisition Coordinator | Human Resource | Islamic Relief Pakistan

Email: Muhammad.Ilyas
Tel: +92512114212-17 | Mob: 03008380669

Plot #2, Street #7, G-10/2 | Islamabad | 44000 | PK

Web: www.islamic-relief.org.pk | Twitter | FaceBook | YouTube | LinkedIn

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Learn online to improve your knowledge

By on October 14, 2015

ALISON – a five million-strong, global online learning community, filled with free, high-quality online education resources to help you develop essential, certified workplace skills.

Whether you are seeking a new job, a promotion, a college place or starting a new business, ALISON empowers you to improve your economic and personal circumstances, and through you, that of the community you live in.

New skills and knowledge makes you a more valuable employee, whether working for yourself, for an employer, or future employer. With today’s workplace changing faster than ever, it is essential everyone keeps learning new and updating old skills to remain or become competitive in the workplace. ALISON is for anyone taking their first step to a new or better job. ALISON is as individual as you are.

 Customer Relationship Management in Business Services

 Do you want to improve the relationship you have with your customers? This free online course from ALISON will show you how your business can achieve excellence in customer relationships and go beyond customer satisfaction to customer delight. It looks at how fluctuating demand from customers can be addressed by managing capacity within the service process.

Customer Relationship Management in Business Services explores how businesses can use marketing elements to shape demand and how important elements of service processes, such as queuing and waiting lines, can be re-designed to greatly improve customer experience.

Modern Human Resource Management – Appraisal and Performance

Get an understanding of employee rights, workplace health and safety law, how to manage performance, how to implement performance evaluation systems and how to complete and conduct employee assessments with this free online course.


Diploma in Basic German Language Studies

Talk with confidence in German with this German language diploma, which uses text and audio to introduce learners to the pronunciation of words and the correct use of key phrases. On completion, learners will know how to reserve a table, order food, and ask for and pay for a bill in German.



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