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Children interrupt BBC News interview

By on March 12, 2017

I learned from this video which was watched by millions of viewers in a couple of days on Facebook and YouTube that when you start leading someone will start following you it doesn’t matter you are leading on wrong direction for an agenda of destruction or right direction for the welfare of human being you will find like minded people. Professor Robert Kelly’s live television interview on the BBC was interrupted by his two children. Watch the video and check the style of the four years old cute girl Marion when she coming inside the room and then her brother James followed her in Walker. He tried to send her back by pushing her but she insist until the intervention of the Interior Minister of Professor’s house I mean Marion’s Mom Jung-a Kim arrived and controlled the situation.
The second thing I learned to accept your fault if there is any thing done wrong from your side and you think someone disturbed then accept your fault and stop arguing. When you accept their are bright chances that people will forgive you. This is his home office and he accepted the fault. Now the question is what is his fault in this case so I think that he accepted the fault to forget locking the door before starting the interview that’s why this happen. May be I am wrong but its my point of view. There are many more lessons in this video but I think these two are enough for today.
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Video Courtesy: BBC

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