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Indigenous Entrepreneurship Conference by YAP

By on March 11, 2017

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I don’t remember how I missed the previous two Indigenous Entrepreneurship Conferences (IEC) organized by Youth Association of Pakistan (YAP) but I am really sorry for that because I missed the opportunities to learn from successful people. I missed the opportuning to hear from those who thought about a unique Idea, started work on their ideas, and faced multiple hurdles like assistance, financial problems, balancing time between families, studies, social life. I missed the opportunity to learn how they crossed many barrios by their hard work, convinced those who were against them at starting point but joined later and shown the result to rest of the world that nothing is impossible.  I remember a quote which says Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! But need some time, hard work sincerity. This time on March 11, 2016 I have managed to attend the 3rd Indigenous Entrepreneurship Conference (IEC) organized at Press Club Islamabad by YAP. When you have to work on an idea and people start a lecture that this is impossible for you so make that one sentence the source of your success and that will lead you to make it possible. What you have to do is just to start the impossible word in slow motion. Take a break after I and think that I have the idea, me is the responsible to work hard then it will be possible.

If you were there so I am sure you will never forget what you learned there and if you missed the chance to attend this conference so it means you missed one of the best opportunity to learn from the successful people and missed to hear their stories. Every speaker shared a short life story in which they focused on what problem they faced, how to solve different problems, what to do if you have an Idea, what we are doing now and what are our plans for the betterment of the Pakistan in future. Almost every speaker given open offer to the participants that if you have any Idea come forward discuss your idea and we will help you to make it possible for you.

The event was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Director KPK YAP and then we stand to hear the National Anthem. After the National Anthem vice President welcomed the participants of the conference. Senator (R) Akram Zaki Pateron In Chief of YAP said in his opening speech that nearly 70% people are below the age of 30 and a large number of young people are available. He said the future of Pakistan is bright and now it’s depends on you what is going to be the future of Pakistan. He said unfortunately due to various reasons including mismanagement of the Govt we have been unfortunately taking guidance from outside powers instead of taking our own decisions. We have been left behind in the march for progress. The three basic things which are important for life are education, health and job opportunities. They have been neglected. Fortunately some of you have been lucky to get education therefore this is greater responsibilities on you to take the country forward. Unfortunately enough job opportunities have not been created therefor it is your aim to apply your mind and think of new base of creating opportunities and the purpose of the conference of Entrepreneurship is to put you in touch with people who have experience, who have done something in life through their initiative, through their hard work and you can use their those ideas for discovering your own internal strength and using your own mental and physical resources to create opportunity for yourselves. He said  that the Prophet PBUH was also a businessman before he declared the Prophet and He was a successful businessman and honest businessman so honesty, faithfulness, Integrity are important virtues if you want to move forward in business. Those people who think they are clever and used devious means they may have temporary success but in long run they fail and even they don’t fail they lose something valuable that is respect in the eyes of others so in social life in a country the most important thing is to live with honor and with respect so when you do something don’t think of immediate temporary advantage. Think of long term consequences of what you do and if you are on the right track in the long run you will be succeed. He given his message to the youths that have confidence in your selves, have confidence in your future and have confidence on your country and then you will succeed. One of the participant requested to read the poem which was written by him for the participants. He full filled the wish and read the poem.

Mr. Shahid Raja Founder of Ideal Factory started his speech form poetry of Allama Muhammad Iqbal with
Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ke Har Taqdeer Se Pehle
Khuda Bande Se Khud Puche, Bata Teri Raza Kya Hai

Develop the self so that before every decree
God will ascertain from you: “What is your wish?”
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Mr. Shahid Raja have a mission of fostering entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He motivated the participant by his own story. He described the entrepreneurship, give a formula of 3F. He said if you want to start a new business and you have financial problem so the 3F will help you to solve this problem. 3F means Family, Friends and Fools. First the if your convinced your family then they will support, then your friend and then those people who have money but having no clear idea what to do on that money. They have no business idea and they can financially help you. He asked the participant that if you have an idea so the Ideal Factory can help you to achieve your Goal. Ideal Factor is providing outsource services, training courses and helping to turn your idea into reality and to help people to start a business. He said  in Entrepreneurship always focused that Think Big, Dream Big but we advise to start from a small size because small business is easy to manage and gradually you will see that your business will expand. Try to take risk, it will be difficult in first phase but step by step it will become more easy for you and you will be succeed. He prayed for the participants in a unique way and said  “May Allah give you Servants mot a job” and May Allah give you success to help others.

Kashif Zaheer Kamboh Chairman YAP said that last year on 23rd March the first IEC was organized by YAP and this is the third one of the series. He given a brief introduction of the YAP, its works and upcoming project which will be started for the youths of Pakistan. In his speech he said Youth Association of Pakistan (YAP) is a non-profit organization, bringing together youth from all cities of Pakistan. YAP is providing good opportunities to different segments of the society for capacity building, social empowerment and institutional development by giving rise to sustainable change through different activities, seminars, sessions, and conferences. Basically, we are striving in three areas Youth Development (Youth Networking, Hiking of Future Leaders, and Indigenous Entrepreneurship Conference), Philanthropic Activities, Research and Development. He said Alhamdulillah the first phase completed successfully in which we organized Indigenous Entrepreneurship Conferences and Hike of Future Leaders. He said an Incubation Center will be introduce in future where we will assess ideas of youths, will provide space for office and financial help. In Philanthropic Activities YAP donated school uniforms to needy students.

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Mr. Aslam Azad spoke about his journey to manufacturer the first solar cars and bikes in Pakistan. He is planning to make an entrepreneurship University for the youths of Pakistan. He told if you want to do something extra ordinary so it will be possible but a long struggle and commitment is required. Sir Hamayun Shuja from Preston University said that if you have an idea to come and share with us we will guide you. He said every person have the capabilities to do something new but they need some guidelines. He said I am learning from students who bringing new ideas. He said share your business Idea then make a plan and identify your needs, then time evaluation and set your goals. He encouraged the youths that become Risk Takers so you will be success. Dr. Qurban shared his story how he succeed making a chain of Hostel in Islamabad. At starting his parents were also against him but his vision make it possible and now he is supporting the poor people from the earning of his business. Dr.Murtaza Mughal President & CEO at Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust motivated people from his wonderful speech mostly shared from the poetry of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and given Gold medals to Speakers and organizers. Ms. Shazia Shafique motivated the students that it easy to earn some money during study. She invited people to her stall for sharing the idea of how someone can earn money. She introduce the Oriflame Company. Oriflame offers a leading business opportunity for people who want to start making money the same day they join, and work towards fulfilling their personal dreams and ambitions. Although working with Oriflame means you’ll be your own boss.

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