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Need sincere actions instead of blame game

By on March 6, 2017

According to Arton Capital’s Passport Index our Green Passport have

Visa-Free Score: 26

Visit for more details: Passport Index

Global Passport Power Rank: 96

Visit for more details: Passport Index

Individual Passport Power Rank: 198 out of 199

Visit for more details: Passport Index
Last year our score was 27 but in 2016 we lost one point. The data of our neighboring countries is Afghanistan lost 1 score, India lost 2 scores, China gained 2 scores and Iran remain the same as previous with no loss or gain of any score in 2016.
Here is the list of counties where Pakistanis can travel without having a visa:
1. Dominica
2. Haiti
3. Micronesia
4. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
5. Trinidad and Tobago
6. Vanuatu
Below is the list of countries which offer Visa on Arrival for Pakistanis:
1. Cambodia
2. Cape Verde
3. Comoros
4. Djibouti
5. Guinea-Bissau
6. Kenya
7. Madagascar
8. Maldives
9. Mauritania
10. Mozambique
11. Nepal
12. Nicaragua
13. Palau
14. Samoa
15. Seychelles
16. Tanzania
17. Timor-Leste
18. Togo
19. Tuvalu
20. Uganda
Now its time to start how we can improve our passport’s rank instead of blaming each other. Just think how we can achieve the goal in minimum time. Marshall Islands is the biggest winner of 2016 with gaining 35+ visa waivers and having 102 visa free score. According to Wikipedia, The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines. In the northwest, Bikini Atoll’s largely undisturbed waters, used as a ship graveyard after World War II, are now a popular wreck dive site. Near Majuro Atoll, which holds the islands’ capital and largest settlement, the coral reef at Kalalin Pass teems with marine life.
Currency: United States Dollar
Population: 52,634 (2013) World Bank
Official languages: English, Marshallese

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