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A day at Margalla Hills with future’s Leaders

By on December 26, 2015

Islamabad the beautiful capital of Pakistan has a national park which is called Margalla Hills National Park. Margalla hills have 6 Trails but Trail, 3, 5 and 6 are the well-known trails. People are mostly going on these three trails. On 25th December 2015 Youth Association of Pakistan and Youth Forum For Kashmir conducted an event for the Future’s Leaders with the name “Hike of Future Leaders”. Students from FJWU, Islamic University, Capital University and Preston University participated in the event in a large number.

Tariq Khan the founder of Clean and Green Pakistan motivated the youths to keep the Trails Clean and Green and for that purpose, he brought shoppers and given a task to the participant to collect those garbage which was thrown by some visitors. During at first impression, I noticed that no one will take part in this campaign but it was totally opposite of my thought. Grouping was made by the organizers and then that cleaning drive started. Everyone collected the garbage and then the group of Islamic University won the competition of cleaning drive. The aim is not cleaning but I want to make people aware that please avoid throwing the garbage at the wrong place, Clean and Green Pakistan’s founder Tariq Khan said. Saving the nature is the responsibility of every citizen. If a person coming for hiking to be healthy so it is must to keep that place clean for others also. We are going to design a Shopping bag which will be reusable and it will minimize the use of plastic bag which is one of the biggest cause of global warming. Please encourage more than more people to minimize the use of plastic bags, Tariq said. A representative of “Save the Wildlife” also displayed the charts and banners. Saving the nature and Wildlife both are very important.

Most wastes can be avoided. This is because a large portion of waste we consume are disposable items, mainly plastic water bottles, plastic bags, food containers, and tin cans. The issue whether or not we should still use these disposables has been debated, but we can now see initiatives to reduce the use of such products and go back to using reusable items. (Personally, I like the idea of paper bags rather than plastic.) We too can help. By simply bringing a reusable water bottle will help reduce the demand for plastic water bottles, at least one bottle a day.

The youth become aware of the work of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF). The representative of ANF spread their message and told to the youths that stop using drugs. ANF having opportuning of Ambassadorship and Internship for the youths. Those who want to become an Ambassador of ANF at their college, University or any other organization can contact them.

The internship program is specially designed for the youth so that they obtain essential grooming and experience to enhance their potential skills, which can help them find a good job in the long run. The Program will be opened for the students of Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, IT and Art for their research initiative, project and field work and thesis report. The program will also be opened for those who have acquired 16 years of education and are not more than 30 years of age. The minimum requirement for the program will be graduation from a local, government or private institution.

ANF Youth Ambassadorship is open for all age citizens especially from Islamabad, Rawalpindi Division, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan areas. However, it is open for all Pakistan. These Volunteer Ambassadors will work for a noble cause which is aimed at creating awareness against the spread of Narcotics, drugs and illicit pills amongst youth. All ambassadors will be certified as volunteer ambassadors of ANF. This forum will provide youth ambassadors to contribute positively towards future of Pakistan. The forum will also provide opportunity/platform to Youth Ambassadors to project their personality talent in different fields.

Different talent will be picked up for representing ANF and their respective talent will be highlighted/ projected at various National / International forums.

There were speakers who delivered their speeches on Leadership Skills to the leaders of the future. Dr. Rashid Aftab Director Ripha International University, Islamabad delivered a speech on leadership skills.

Jaweria Maqbool a TV and Policy Analyst, Debater, Environmentalist, Motivational Speaker and CDA Officer spoke about Leadership skills.

Ahmad Quraishi Anchor Person Express News, Executive Director YFK covered the full event. The participants learned many things during the Q & A session with Ahmed Quraishi. It was a very pleasant day and Pakistani youths need more such events.

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